In 2013, street performers from Taiwan started to challenge themselves to perform abroad. While people learned many performing skills in different countries, they also learned to know different regulations and systems. For example, the complete insurance system and regulations of street performances in London provide performers a stable and safe environment for creation. Another example is in Seoul, Korea. Seoul Street Arts Creation Center (SFAC) provides a place for performers to try new works, practice and rehearsal. It also brings circus experts to Korea to promote performing arts. Meanwhile, some Korean performers make their own workshop, teaching and learning from each other in order to make their shows better. Apart from these successful systems, street arts festivals around the world are also perfect for top performers to make communities. Those festivals can also refresh a town or a city with new lives and arts, which makes people love their lands more.

Having these international experiences, we founded “Street Act Lab” in 2017. In this "Lab" people can try new skills and discuss new ideas, improving each other’s show through this process. Furthermore, we founded Taiwan Street Act and Culture Development Association (Str.ACD), a non-profit association, to improve the regulations and insurance for street performances, and to build a learning system for “becoming a street performer.” Through participating talks/conferences about relative topics, we are making more connections with the government and other professionals in Taiwan as well as overseas.

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