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Street Act Lab was launched in 2017 spring. After seeing foreign performers improving performance integrity through cooperation and exchanging knowledge, Mario Hsu, a street artist from Taiwan, decided to propose the project "Street Act Lab". As a result, Chao Wan Ling, Mario Hsu, Chen Sin Da, Yang Yuan Ching, and Ho Cheng I call on all Taiwanese street performers to “open” Street Act Lab. The very first one was held at Taipei Yuanshan EXPO Park on June 28, 2017. Through discussion in this lab, we built a positive feedback system in street performing field.

On January 16, 2018, Street Act Lab evolved to version 2.0. We established the training system with three core values —"training", "discussion", and "presentation." We are developing this system to its completion, helping more and more potential performers stand on the international stage.

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